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Since its founding in 1993, the Institute has made remarkable progress,
especially considering its limited funding. Here are some highlights:

The Institute organized a major, two-month international art exhibition in
Santa Fe entitled "Faces of Our Lady of Guadalupe", featuring 60 original
works of art from 12 states, Mexico and Spain. In addition, the Institute
has curated traveling exhibits in Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Ohio, New York and many other locales. The Institute also loans selections from its permanent collection to museums and galleries across the United States.

After two years of communication with City an Church officials in Lourdes, France, the institute commissioned and placed a life-size bronze statue of St. Bernadette in front of the Lourdes Library. The Institute arranged for Sister Margaret Beaudette, known nationally for her work as a sculptor of "Friends of the Lord", to create this work.
Our director coordinated the editing of an entire issue of the Chicago-based
"Christianity and the Art" magazine, released in November 1998. The theme
was "Sacred Arts by Sisters and Nuns of the Catholic Church." A full year
was spent in organizing, editing and writing articles and biographical
information for this unique issue.

BEHOLD THE WOMEN was published in 1997, honoring Sisters and Nuns of the Catholic Church. This unique book presents more than 200 rare photographs of nuns from the Civil War to the mid 1960s as well as 100 stories, poems and tributes. In 1999, the book IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS, PEACE was published with the help of British art critic, Sister Wendy Beckett. The book features paper-cuttings by both Sister Mary Jean Dorcy and Dan Paulos with a beautiful Foreword and inspiring reflections by Sister Wendy.

The Institute has produced a video entitled BERNADETTE, which presents the life of the saint of Lourdes in a simple, yet effective manner. The video includes tours of the cities where she was born, and died. In 2000, this
video received the prestigious Telly Award for excellence in videography.
2005 brought a new documentary entitled AMERICA'S SHRINE TO ST. BERNADETTE which is frequently aired on EWTN. The film gives an in depth look at the Albuquerque Shrine while explaining the vibrant symbolisms used throughout the newly renovated church.

In 2008, two books were published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the
apparitions at Lourdes, France. I, BERNADETTE - and REMEMBERING BERNADETTE were both written by the Institute's Director. Also in 2008, the Institute played a key role in commissioning and raising funds for the bronze statue of St. Bernadette which was donated to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in France, commemorating the 150th anniversary of Bernadette's visits with Our Lady. The statue by Tim Hooton of Albuquerque was installed at the entrance of the St. Bernadette Church at Lourdes, France, directly across from the Grotto where Our Lady appeared to Bernadette.

On an on-going basis, the Institute interview and videotape artists from the
U.S. and other countries such as Poland and South Korea for future
documentaries about sacred art. And though its funds are limited, the Institute regularly helps "starving artists" with funds for groceries, utilities and art supplies.


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